2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061001: Beef - Cow and Calf - Red Angus, Registered (Purebred)
1084 Stuefen, Taetum 1571 1st Reserve Champion Red Angus Cow/Calf Pair Lincoln Diamond Lake
4030 Ostlie, Lilly 5955 Purple 1st Champion Red Angus Cow/Calf Pair, Interview Finalist Swift Swift Falls Winners
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061002: Beef - Cow and Calf - Hereford, Registered (Purebred)
859 Visser, Natan 1180 5th Norman IXL 4-H Club
1186 Kowalke, Blake 1718 6th Hubbard Stony Lake Beavers 4-H Club
2834 Lawrence, Wynn 4071 Purple 1st Champion Hereford Cow/Calf Pair Mille Lacs Independent - Mille Lacs County
2838 Martinson, Matalyn 4075 3rd Interview Finalist Mille Lacs Saddle Dusters
3445 Rients, Dominick 4994 4th Cottonwood Delton Doers
4035 Walsh, Mia 5962 Purple 2nd Reserve Champion Hereford Cow/Calf Pair Swift Dublin Victory
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061003: Beef - Cow and Calf - Shorthorn (Purebred) and Shorthorn Plus, Registered
269 Jabs, Lane 275 Purple 1st Champion Shorthorn Cow/Calf Pair Winona Little Valley Victors
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061004: Beef - Cow and Calf - Simmental (Purebred) and Foundation, Registered
1525 Laures, Hallie 2195 Purple 2nd Reserve Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair Olmsted High Forest Chippewa Champions
1897 Kutney, Aiden 2723 Purple 3rd Isanti Independent - Isanti County
1925 Peterson, Brennir 2778 Purple 1st Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair, Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Sibley Blazin' West Stars
3103 Krueger, Blake 4428 4th Interview Champion Washington Riverside Routers 4-H Club
3304 Gjemse, Charli 4779 5th Goodhue Zumbrota Busy Bees
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061005: Beef - Cow and Calf - All Other Breeds, Registered (Purebred and Composite)
84 Fellbaum, Megan 35 2nd Reserve Champion Other Breeds Cow/Calf Pair Morrison Livestock Legends 4-H Club
225 Kreidermacher, William 229 3rd Winona Altura Sky Rockets
2802 Wilson, Montana 4043 Purple 1st Champion Other Breeds Cow/Calf Pair Nobles Elk Tip Toppers
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061006: Beef - Cow and Calf - Commercial
11 Mink, Connor 16 8th Interview Finalist Cass A.N.I.M.A.L.S.
138 Trotter, Nathan 106 4th Aitkin Cedarbrook
433 Sirek, Bradan 519 Purple 2nd Rice Independent - Rice County
473 Heser, Norah 582 Purple 1st Reserve Champion Commercial Beef Cow/Calf Pair, Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Dodge Canisteo Young Farmers
608 Heser, Charlie 794 3rd Dodge Canisteo Young Farmers
893 Dougherty, Jenna 1237 2nd Stearns Breezy Pines
1067 Lacek, Joseph 1541 5th Lincoln Ivanhoe Greenleaf
1287 Knutson, Carter 1880 4th Otter Tail - West Dane Prairie
1330 Knutson, Levi 1925 7th Otter Tail - West Dane Prairie
1939 Holmes, Ann 2796 3rd Interview Finalist Pine Sunnyside
3517 Lanoue, David 5105 6th Lyon Lake Marshall Eagles
4064 Plamann, Madison 6018 5th McLeod Otter Lake Royal Juniors
4221 Boesl, Rowan 6241 Purple 1st Champion Commercial Beef Cow/Calf Pair, Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Douglas Chippewans
Beef / Cow and Calf / A061007: Beef - Cow and Calf - Black Angus, Registered (Purebred)
316 Johnson, Olivia 349 4th Interview Finalist Waseca Vista Busy Bees
811 Thompson, Piper 1107 5th Interview Finalist Clay Humboldt
1934 Scharpe, Jacob 2790 Purple 2nd Reserve Champion Black Angus Cow/Calf Pair Sibley High Island Clovers
2239 Ludwig, Madelyn 3266 Purple 1st Champion Black Angus Cow/Calf Pair, Third Overall Cow/Calf Pair Meeker Valley Victors
4051 Loncorich, Landon 5995 3rd McLeod Otter Lake Royal Juniors