2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Video and Filmmaking / Video / Filmmaking - Grades 6-8
529 Ferdinandt, William 663 Public Service Announcement, stop-motion video Blue Wright Hanover Honey Bees
1559 Heggem, Oliver 2240 Video using Claymation and Lego stop motion. "The Lego" and Claymation Extravaganza. Blue Otter Tail - West Eagle Lake
2147 Schmidt, Kassandra 3115 Time lapse video of hosta and nearby plants with clarinet solo Blue Olmsted Eyota Wonder Workers
2642 Yost, Jaylin 3831 documentary on the history of Elizabeth Blackwell. Blue Nicollet Oshawa Achievers
3647 Mahoney, Asher 5314 Stop motion video Purple Dakota Dakota Green Hearts 4-H Club
Static / Video and Filmmaking / Video / Filmmaking - Grades 9+
961 Johnson, Allison 1343 Rainy Day video - we will upload it Blue Watonwan Fieldon Rustlers
1268 Lott, Caleb 1850 "Mechanism", a film about a young inventor creating robot arms. VFX techniques used. Purple Otter Tail - West 4-H Unlimited
2008 Satterfield, Charlotte 2925 Guide to start filmmaking on a horse. A video to show and a paper to talk about with photos. Wrote down every step you would need to start setting a budget, finding a camera, and riding with a camera. Blue Crow Wing Long Lake Beavers
2032 Forrest, Egypt 2951 Short film rated PG, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. 3 actors, two production team members. Blue Rock County K-9s 4-H Club
3644 Linder, Jack 5309 Bat service project video Blue Dakota Greenvale Cloverites 4-H Club