2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Photography / Elements of Photography - Grades 6-8
332 Nelson, Mikael 375 picture taken with a drone Blue Waseca Vista Busy Bees
359 Hughes, Isaac 411 8x10 enlargement of a yellow chick Blue St. Louis - South Northern Lights
378 Ballstadt, Tavis 434 5x7 flower with sunset Blue Rice Full-O-Pep
454 Carr, McKenna 556 Photo of fruit splashing into water Blue Pennington Silverton
525 Ende, Elizabeth 655 8X10 black matted picture of a window Blue Wright The Rockets
602 Larison, Stephanie 786 photograph of a baseball game and the catcher making a play at home plate. Purple Wright Willing Workers
714 Quam, Aubrey 956 8x10 colored photo of a Corgi puppy matted with a white & black mat Blue Dodge Oslo All Stars
716 Rosendahl, Nash 957 secret garden picture: grapevine arbor with garden and sky Blue Polk Pine To Prairie
734 VonLehe, Janessa 986 3 orange marigolds picture Blue Sherburne Trail Blazers
884 Woitalla, Kyle 1213 Photograph of a ruby-throated hummingbird. 8x10 photo; white mat Purple Stearns Albany Southsiders
1023 Hauschild, Samantha 1455 5x7 photo in 8x10 black matting of grey chicken Red Lincoln New Grove
1040 Skjerven, Austin 1482 5 x 7 photo of birds in a nest Blue Marshall New Maine
1124 Skare, Sierra 1632 4x6 photo butterfly picture with black backing Blue Kanabec Canter Club
1146 Haase, Jack 1668 8 x 10 photo of red rocks against a blue sky on white matte board Red Faribault Elmore Soaring Eagles
1181 Etzler, Charles 1713 5 x 7 photo of a sunset on a lake in white matte frame Blue Hubbard Green Valley Livewires 4-H Club
1341 Spader, Maddy 1941 Green leaf photo with rain drops. Elements of photography. Blue Pope Lowry Legends
1361 Schumacher, Lillian 1974 5x7 dry grass black and white border Blue Wabasha Gillford Golden Gophers
1385 Berg, Josephine 2007 Close up image of part of US capitol rotunda ceiling Purple Scott Belle Plaine 4-H
1427 Johnson, George 2066 Hand holding Robin eggs Blue Roseau Dieter Doers
1447 Dettinger, Kylie 2090 8x10 photo of a tennis ball sittign on tennis raquet Blue Olmsted Creative Clovers
1478 Hoeft, Conner 2129 Picture of Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park, CA. 3 mile hike trees & mountain reflected in water mist in background area Blue Olmsted Dresser Valley
1480 Bjorgaard, Brooke 2130 4x6 picture of a sunrise in the mountains on a white 4.5 x 6.5 paper Blue Marshall Viking Volcanoes
1566 Jasinski, Kjerssa 2252 Photo of an evening landscape of a lighthouse in Grand Marais Blue Sibley Transit Trailblazers
1614 Matzner, Locklin 2329 Picture of a waterfall in Fairbanks, Alaska in a matte/frame. Blue Pipestone Prairie Grangers
1231 Carter, Joelle 2452 Magnolia bud after morning rain. Black and white 5 x 7 matte photo Blue Chippewa Chippewa Champs
1785 Levenhagen, Annabelle 2582 Sunset photo Red Kittson Halma Ideal
1786 Roberts, RyAnna 2583 sunset picture of clouds and tree in forefront Blue Freeborn Hartland 4-H Club
1885 Hass, Emily 2701 Black & white spotted pig getting a bath with white matting. Blue Isanti Lakeside Victory
1947 Watrin, Emily 2811 Photo of shrine from Arizona with angel statues and beautiful sky Blue Pine Sunnyside
2000 Buchholz, Colton 2916 5x7 photo of football player wearing helmet with mouthguard in Blue Rock Springdell 4-H Club
2065 Ostman, Claranna 3001 Ant on branch Blue Olmsted Creative Clovers
2103 Steinhoff, Ava 3053 Photo of the Chicago skyline with black matte. Blue Rock Blue Ribbon 4-H Club
2112 Rauh, David 3068 Picture of stairs in black frame Red Olmsted Interstate Hi-Flyers
2130 Manea, Jasmine 3099 5 flowers in a white frame, 4x6 Blue Benton Mayhew Lakers
2131 Manea, Makenzie 3100 Gold tan frame, mountains with town in view, 4x6 Blue Benton Mayhew Lakers
2312 Nyquist, Regan 3361 Photo collage - Heartland skies Blue Meeker Dassel Lamplighters
2364 Brophy, Katherine 3407 Five pictures on a white poster: cactus, golden dock, rose, green flower and the Badlands with the title "Simply Because." Blue St. Louis - North Four Corners 4-H Club
2408 Prescott, Allison 3474 Cowboy boots with dog Blue Mower Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
2451 Long, Emery 3536 A Photograph of a girl in the air. Blue Anoka Independent - Le Sueur County
2546 Beranek, Violet 3678 a photo of a waterfall on white matting. Blue Nicollet Bernadotte
2602 Vigen, Zoe 3779 photo of building w/ keep out sign Blue Mower Windom 4-H Club
2752 Haus, Clayton 3981 8X10 matted vanilla color Minnehaha Creek below Minnehaha Fals Blue Lake Northern Stars 4-H Club
2764 Anderson, Steinar 3995 black and white tree in winter black matte 8"x10" Blue Lake Northern Stars 4-H Club
2894 Wood, Kennadi 4116 Photo of Sunset on Lake, 8x10 Blue Mille Lacs Silver Lakers
2989 Bishman, Charlotte 4282 8x10 print of colorful umbrellas Blue Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
3031 Hoffmann, Elise 4331 1 poster with 4 pictures of different frog species found in Minnesota Blue Carver Sugar City
3194 Tenpas, Brody 4564 Photo of truck dash Blue Washington St. Croix Clovers 4-H Club
3202 Nienhuis, Nya 4573 8 X 10 photo of 3 chickens on garden wall Purple Carver Sugar City
3426 Elston, Johanna 4960 5x7 photo of a rooster, matted to an 8x10 Blue Cottonwood Springfield Sparklers
3428 Gohr, Danika 4966 8x10 photo of ferris wheel in sunset, in a black mat Purple Cottonwood Loyal Lakers/Carson Climbers