2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Crafts and Fine Arts / Crafts - Grades 6-8
135 Kludt, Chloe 102 small wooden box, wood burn design, with deer antler handle on lid Blue Wadena Ambitious Club 4-H Club
176 Askelson, Aksel 163 constructed whale out of kinex. Moveable tail and water spout. Grey eye. Blue Mahnomen Foresters
194 Olson, Kyler 185 canvas framed painting (MN sunset). It is pinkish with black and a sunset. Her name is on back. Blue Red Lake 4-H Hands On After The Bell - Red Lake Falls
343 Lightfoot, Tyson 389 Titanic Replica Model Blue Redwood Milroy Go Getters
437 Velishek, Colton 526 Lego gumball machine. Blue Rice Wheatland Wheaties
457 Cota, Hunter 560 Shotgun shell American flag with burnt wood frame. Shells collected from trap practice. Blue Pennington Steiner
673 Perish, Claire 898 Bee and flower wood burning on black ash board Blue Todd A-1 4-H Club
691 Steinhaus, Sydnie 922 Silver necklace with a silver leaf charm and beads of white, silver and opalescent Purple Wright Knapp Busy Bees
809 Spillum, Emma 1105 Yarn wall hanging of mountains Blue Clay Humboldt
1064 Schifsky, Annamae 1534 Handmade bath bombs - Annamae's odds & ends. Blue Chisago Whispering Pines
1141 Stueber, Madelyn 1654 Diamond painting Blue Kanabec Kanabec North Stars
1165 Zuehlke, Jacob 1690 Rectangular clay plate, black in color with design on top. 4 legs on the bottom & JNZ on the bottom. Blue Jackson LaCrosse Loyal Workers
1196 Haggerty, Brooke 1732 Gray & white calf Red Big Stone Clever Clovers
1269 Lott, Everett 1852 Cardboard constructed helmet painted red and brass tones. Purple Otter Tail - West 4-H Unlimited
1549 Ryburn, Luke 2225 Basketry & stool = woven Blue Scott New Prague Boosters
1648 Pederson, Arya 2382 8 foot purple squid plushie Red Hennepin Creekside Otters 4-H Club
1686 Wingert, Magdalan 2455 Diamond art grinch Blue Fillmore Harmony Helping Hands
1713 Meyer, Jessie 2505 Diamond painting - cross Purple Fillmore
1746 Schlieman, Evan 2529 white race car kit Red Lac qui Parle North Stars
1772 Gjesdal, Lilly 2563 Purse: turtle shell, leather and beads Blue Kittson North Star
1779 Hesby, Avalon 2574 Engraved wooden sign Blue Kittson Independent Members - Kittson County
1796 Olson, Wyatt 2597 Large orange lego car (Porsche) Blue Freeborn Hayward 4-H Club
1818 Challander, Nicholas 2621 Paper Mache Laundry Basket. Cylindrical Basket, Brown and Red with Textures with Laundry Bag Purple Isanti Wild River Pioneers
1927 Beam, Addison 2779 Lego project: open house farm picnic Blue Pine Virtual 4-H - Pine County
1966 Bock, Morgan 2842 Recycled art wooden owl Blue Crow Wing Baxter Sandpipers
2115 Van Belle, Aubrey 3072 Wood cut out of highland cow. Paint each piece then clue all pieces together. Highland cow. Blue Rock Magnolia Juniors 4-H Club
2134 McKay, Eve 3103 A 12x12 shadow box displaying brooches arranged into a bouquet of flowers Blue Benton St Pat's
2514 Vogt, Aubree 3637 long necked birdhouse gourd painted as a lavendar house with a blue sky Blue Mower Red Rock Rangers 4-H Club
2516 Ross, Nora 3638 12 x 16 Diamond Art - Cow Blue Anoka Rivers Raiders
2561 Schuette, Isla 3716 Needle-felted wool dragon, original design. Purple Anoka Lino Lakers
2657 Dahlin, Dassah 3860 Perler rainbow peacock pattern including 3000 perler beads hand placed and ironed together Red Becker Height of Land 69s
2702 Vargas Staebler, Annabella 3911 Homemade scrapbook Blue Stevens Darnen
2754 McCuen, Dayna 3983 Metal bear cutout with mountains black sparkles Blue Nobles Rushmore Central Hustlers
2755 Harris, Josephine 3985 3 ft tall green cactus made out of horse shoes welded together Blue Lake North Shore 4-H Club
2760 Noerenberg, Jasmine 3989 Diorama apartment elevator, in box with clear plastic in front with a summary on the inside of the door. Blue Nobles 4-H Clovers
2800 DeVilbiss, Logan 4042 Model of HMS hood, WWII battle cruise Blue Mille Lacs Pease Corps
2922 Burnett, Maggie 4175 Red Dream Catcher Red Kandiyohi Independent - Kandiyohi County
3193 Nesburg, Collette 4562 tile/resin side table Blue Carver Carver Coyotes
3308 Hanson, Mari 4808 Miniature house, entirely homemade. Created from wood, fabric, paper and wires. Required 150+ hours to make. Blue Goodhue Belle Creek Peppy Peppers
3418 Weckerling, Carleen 4972 Welcome sign w/ bottle cap flowers Blue Goodhue Goodhue Gesundheits
3438 Oltmans, Chloe 4983 Diamond art: puppy with flowers Blue Cottonwood Springfield Sparklers
3482 Daniels, Payton 5051 Diamond art of a sunset lit lake with puffy flowers in the foreground Blue Lyon Amiret Busy Bees
3502 Hubner, Hailey 5085 Diamond art of war pony Blue Lyon Amiret Busy Bees
3578 Elfering, Kaelyn 5210 Prayer Board - A 11 x 13 canvas board decorated with cards and string Blue Renville Trailblazers
3663 Nordling, Chloe 5335 Wooden mountain scene Purple Dakota Chub Lake Beavers 4-H Club
3820 Gleis, Kendra 5693 4x4 ft painted barn quilt Blue Murray Lakers
3966 Ryan, Madelyn 5878 Diamond painting of a mardala from a kit. Blue Le Sueur Derrynane Jrs
4102 Wendolek, Ellie 6070 11,300 piece perler bead of Captain Jack Sparrow; homemade wood burned frame to complete the project. Purple McLeod Winsted Jolly Juniors
3948 Davidson, Weston 6137 A basketball hoop and a poster board Blue Carlton
4204 Wagner, Maddex 6215 Lego structure of a Llama with trading post. Blue Douglas Moe