2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Presentations and Speeches / Individual Presentations and Speeches
197 Shulstad, Hayden 191 presentation on history of computers, uses, career, etc. Blue Red Lake Huot Hustlers
305 Gehrke, Kenley 329 Which microwave popcorn pops the best. Talks about the why, how and conclusion. Blue Waseca Waldorf Peppy Peppers
500 Flack, Katelin 622 Washington DC Educational trip Blue Blue Earth New Horizons
513 Berg, Oliver 636 He will have a bicycle, book, presentation stand of PVC piping and panels. Blue Wright Willing Workers
524 Moeller, Aidan 661 4her will describe a scientific method for measuring protein in chicken and turkey eggs Purple Blue Earth New Horizons
635 Patnode, Vanyssa 846 Presentation and graphics on cancer Red Wright The Rockets
742 Rohs, Arabelle 998 Illustrated presentation about communication between animals and humans using pre-recorded buttons Purple Sherburne Independent - Sherburne County
743 Rohs, Madelynn 1005 Illustrated presentation about transporting a harp Blue Sherburne Independent - Sherburne County
790 Rickford, Riley 1082 Google slide presentation explaining who Temple Grandin is and how her thought process and ideas changed the meat packing industry. Blue Clay Humboldt
995 Bingham, Tarin 1393 Drawbacks and negative aspects of electric vehicles Blue Lincoln Marshfield
997 Chapman, Freya 1397 The process of making maple syrup, start to finish: Making firewood, tapping, collecting, cooking, and canning. Blue Chisago Excelsior
1103 Edberg, Ria 1606 Ria studied abroad in Kazakhstan and will talk about the culture, the country, and her experience there. Purple Kanabec Independent - Kanabec County
1331 Kropp, Rachel 1926 Powerpoint & verbal presentation explaining graphic design site "Canva" Purple Wabasha Wabasha Winners
1367 Skelton, Hope 1983 Creative speech on comfort zones Blue Wabasha Wabasha Winners
1380 Bandel, Charlotte 2001 History of pigeons Blue Scott Belle Plaine 4-H
1397 Casey, Camryn 2024 This presentation informs others on youth in government and shares my experience in the program Blue Scott Shakopee Super Seekers
1434 Hartzler, Ada 2072 Presentation on Cosplay - What is Coplay, How I started with Coplay and developing a humanization cosplay Blue Scott Credit River Comets
1747 Milbrandt, Isabelle 2531 Describing what a "triple crown" is along with nominations, winnings, and winners of the US Thoroughbred Triple Crown Races. Blue Lac qui Parle Silver Spurs
1926 Klema, Kailey 2776 Presentation on how social media and covid has affected agriculture Blue Clearwater Leon Ramblers
1989 Melin, Dominick 2909 Illustrated talk on Biriths Black Labs Purple Crow Wing Baxter Sandpipers
2108 Rauh, Benjamin 3064 A behind the scenes description of Howard Shore and JRR Tolkein's work on the music of the Lord of the Rings. Purple Olmsted Interstate Hi-Flyers
2594 Swenson, Elsa 3763 Public presentation on the topic of micro farming Blue Anoka Lino Lakers
2605 Pribyl, Blake 3788 Nuclear energy: an aid against climate change; A power point presentation. Blue Nicollet
2740 Horn, Jocelyn 3967 Presentation about the decline of arts in the education system, benefits of arts education, and a possible solution for this pressing issue. Blue Nobles Grand Prairie Rockets
3030 Foley , Bridget 4330 How 4-H helped my transition from home schooling to going to school. Red Washington St. Croix Clovers 4-H Club
3041 Funk, Robinson 4346 Presentation on trip to SW U.S. Blue Washington Woodbury 4-H Club
3066 Hoekstra, Maddie 4382 The presentation presents the BRCA2 genetic mutation and the impacts it has had on my family. Into regarding genetic and BRCA 1 &2 genes are reviewed. Purple Washington Independent - Washington County
3300 Geisinger, Adalee 4743 Through this presentation I will explain the origin, examples, consequences and how to prevent it Blue Goodhue Aspelund Ever-Readies
3382 Haugen, Jillian 4905 "For the Love of Saxophones" featuring the history of saxophones, the family of saxophones, and how saxophones have been incorporated into popular music and media. Blue Beltrami Turtle River Tall Pines
3688 Schwartz, Madeline 5365 A comparison of the children of the Big Three - An indepth comparison of the strengths of the children of the Big Three: Sons of Kronds. Blue Dakota Eagan Encores 4-H Club
3968 Giersdorf-Thompson, Joninah (Joni) 5882 Presentation on the stonewall protests, what happened, where, and how it affect us today. Blue Carlton Independent - Carlton County
Public Presentations / Presentations and Speeches / Team Presentations and Speeches
3383 Roschen, Cody 4907 German - use google slides and a poster to share interesting cultural information and history. Use a lot of visual aids also. Blue Goodhue Goodhue Gesundheits
3402 Schenach, Selena 4931 German presentation w/ slides, poster board & props Blue Goodhue Belvidere Happy-Go-Luckies
3992 Skalko-Olesiak, Blaike 5909 Presenting on equine gastric ulcers. What they are, how they get them, symptoms, and treatment options. Red Carlton Rowdy Wranglers
3993 Skalko-Olesiak, Lainey 5910 Presenting on Equine gastric ulcers. What they are, how they get them, symptoms, and treatment options. Red Carlton Rowdy Wranglers