2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Demonstrations / Individual Demonstration
165 Saunders, JD 150 How to make watermelon juice: cut the top off watermelon, use beater mix watermelon, strain into pitcher. Add lime. Drink. Red Wadena Spirit Clover 4-H Club
173 Saunders, Hazel 159 How to make an Oreo dessert Blue Wadena Spirit Clover 4-H Club
180 Dodson, Jack 169 Demonstration on "they key." Blue Red Lake Garnes Go Getters
611 Capistran, Ben 804 electrical safety, outlet selection and outlet replacement Blue Polk North Star
657 Shafer, Gavin 876 a description of simple machines in everyday life Blue Wright Willing Workers
661 Shafer, Natasha 882 a demonstration of knife safety Red Wright Willing Workers
664 Shafer, Veronica 886 a description of how to respectfully treat mental health and accessibility needs in 4H Blue Wright Willing Workers
678 Stegemann, Hannah 906 demonstration of how to make gluten free oatmeal bars with slideshow Blue Wright Willing Workers
777 McKay, Josephine 1064 Demonstration on making tick repellent. Blue Clay Clay County Coyotes
969 Lepp, Ava 1356 I will demonstrate the proper way to run with warm up and cool down stretches. Blue Watonwan Speedway Builders
1048 Lewis, Jack 1504 A persuasive speech about why bugs are great pets and highlighting a few species using a rating rubric. Blue Chisago Whispering Pines
1057 O'Dell, Emelia 1528 Will show how to draw people/objects in motion. Blue Chisago Mavericks
1096 Rasche, Ashlyn 1596 How to make stickers - learn how to make stickers at home with supplies you probably have on hand already! Blue Jackson LaCrosse Loyal Workers
1147 Unger, Carina 1669 How to take care of violin Blue Kanabec Kanabec North Stars
1159 Lorenz, Abbey 1688 Making Energy Bites Blue Faribault Foster Fire Flies
1173 Ristau-Mensing, Amaya 1704 Talking about blood sugar levels and demonstrating how to test blood sugar Blue Faribault Elmore Soaring Eagles
1263 Hagemeister, Jonas 1844 Demonstration on how to put on snowboard bindings. Blue Otter Tail - West Amor
1342 Leonard, Sidney 1947 Demo on how to build metal flowers Blue Wabasha Minnesota Midgets
1374 Wozney, Macy 1991 Explain the benefits of composting & demonstrate how to start your own composting bin Purple Wabasha Happy Ramblers
1505 Hagemeister, Quinn 2169 Demonstration on making small book earnings to wear Red Otter Tail - West Amor
711 LeBon, Bethany 2517 demonstration with 3 posters including info about events, ID and health of dog. Red Polk Pine To Prairie
1988 Melin, Alexander 2885 Demonstration on the golf swing Purple Crow Wing Baxter Sandpipers
2475 Kostohryz, Kara 3572 Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Blue Otter Tail - East Perham Pride
2481 Nicholls, Taylor 3583 Demonstrate through a power point presentation and a model horse how you judge a horse and what opportunities there are for horse judging. Blue Anoka Dandy Linos
2778 Steve, Quinn 4010 Step by step on how to crochet a granny square Red Nobles Grand Prairie Rockets
2960 Gilles, Arianna 4247 Giving examples on what to do/what not to do when doing a demonstration, how to select a topic, etc Blue Kandiyohi St. Johns Roadrunners
3043 Intihar, Daryl 4350 comparison between regular tools and a hand made tool to cut styrofoam without a mess Blue Carver Sugar City
3181 Nelson, Melissa 4551 I will describe the parts of transitional prosthetics, explain some challenges around these prosthetics and some solutions available. Blue Carver Sugar City
3200 Schroeder, Ella 4572 Demonstration on how to make paper butterflied Blue Kandiyohi St. Johns Roadrunners
3526 Moriarty, Imogen 5122 Demonstrating how to take simple wood flowers and making them into a beautiful bouquet. Blue Lyon Minneota Ribbon Wranglers
3619 Hanson, Noah 5262 Energy Bites - Demonstrating how to make energy bites. Blue Dakota Bright Stars 4-H Club
3628 Hertzberg, James 5282 Disc golf disc dying 101 - Demonstrating how to prepare and custom dye a disc golf disc. Blue Dakota 4-Force 4-H Club
3898 Webster, Kora 5796 Red Carlton
3932 Shaw, Cody 5834 Demonstrate and educate how easy it can be to cut up tropical fruit and how much money you can save. Blue Steele Meriden Meadowlarks
3990 Sandstrom, Jonah 5907 A step by step demonstration of solving the Rubik's cube the CFOP method. Red Carlton Esko Cloverleaf
4097 Hamlet, Michael 6058 How to make a lime soda. Blue Martin Silver Lake 4-H Club
Public Presentations / Demonstrations / Team Demonstration
565 Berning, Anthony 729 Teenage boys making chocolate chip cookies and explaining baking tips and chocolate chip cookie fun facts. Red Sherburne Otsego Four Leaves
735 Massmann, Patrick 987 Team food demo on how to make chocolate chip cookies Red Sherburne Otsego Four Leaves
1992 Bureau, Louis 2910 Using an American flag, two boys will demonstrate how to properly fold it. Blue Olmsted Interstate Hi-Flyers
2112 Rauh, David 3069 Show how to fold an American flag Blue Olmsted Interstate Hi-Flyers