2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Results last updated at: 12/08/2023 7:09 AM
Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Safety / Safety - Grades 6-8
286 Klassen, Avery 299 ATV safety project in a binder- presentation format Blue Winona Little Valley Victors
361 Kittelson , Abby 413 First Aid Kit / Abby's Magic Kit including all first aid supplies and equipment Purple St. Louis - South Undecided - Please contact me - South St. Louis County
1254 Keller, Emma 1853 Tacklebox 1st aid kit, containing band-aids, ace bandage, and other 1st aid pieces Red Chippewa Chippewa Champs
1487 Johnson, Dale 2141 Tri-fold poster board describing how UV exposure is harmful and how easy it is to block UV exposure. Purple Olmsted High Forest Chippewa Champions
1715 Hagen, Canaan 2491 Backpack w/ booklet Blue Fillmore Challenging Workers
2551 Minten, Lucey 3695 Poster - Farm Safety Board Blue Otter Tail - East Butler 4-H
3205 O'Hara, Abigail 4579 3 sided poster describing personal watercraft safety patches Blue Carver New Horizons
3810 Pagel, Oliver 5684 One poster on top of poster. it says "Tractor Safety Features". Red/white/black in color. Blue Murray Lakers
3870 Hanson, Dane 5752 Go Kart Safety, explains the safety of kart racing. One tri fold board. Blue Murray Slayton Shooting Stars
4094 Valen, Jason 6054 Lawnmower safety (tri-fold poster) Blue McLeod Bergen Busy Bees
Static / Safety / Safety - Grades 9+
843 Sopkowiak, Daniel 1159 Poster on safety-removing fishing hooks Blue Lake of the Woods Lucky Clover
1552 Gruenhagen, Rylee 2233 Air purifier Blue Sibley Blazin' West Stars