2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Aerospace / Aerospace - Grades 6-8
590 Williams, Elijah 763 model rocket Blue Pennington Independent Members - Pennington County
623 Michael, Silas 827 RC airplane Purple Wright Hanover Honey Bees
657 Shafer, Gavin 874 white model rocket with wings and addition tube attached Blue Wright Willing Workers
880 Sharpe, Jake 1206 Trifold display about 2-stage rockets and 2-stage purple and yellow rocket Blue Stearns Sartell Superstars
1107 Avenson, Emily 1609 Big Daddy Rocket Blue Hubbard Stony Lake Beavers 4-H Club
1449 Johnson, Blake 2094 Built a model rocket, after a few launches it broke in two. Figured out how to repair it so it will launch again. Blue Scott Shooting Sports Club
1545 Rosemeier, Tyler 2220 Poster explaining how airplanes fly. Parts of an airplane, mechanics of flight and engines, small airplane model Blue Scott New Prague Boosters
1709 Ehrenberg-Zacharias, Zane 2489 Information board about the Wright Brother, written paper describing Wright Brothers' lives, Lego display with original designs of Wright Brothers inventions Blue Lac qui Parle Riverside Rockets
1734 Neyens, Alex 2514 Functional rocket Red Lac qui Parle North Stars
1970 Barka, James 2854 Model rocket, black w/yellow base Blue Meeker Valley Victors
2192 Stolp, Aaron 3186 Rocket Blue Olmsted New Haven Sodbusters
2469 Meyer, Kenzil 3565 One Green Rocket Blue Anoka Independent - Anoka County
3002 Heldt, Will 4296 Isis rocket, black & White, 6 1/2 ft long, high power rocket Purple Carver New Horizons
3048 Jewison, Evan 4356 a green model rocket that was designed and built from scratch Blue Carver New Horizons
3135 Barsness, Benjamin 4475 Model Rocket "So Long" Blue Goodhue Spring Garden Jolly Juniors
3347 McNamara, Brady 5634 yellow rocket, green tip and stripes Blue Goodhue Belle Creek Peppy Peppers
4133 Scholl, Bryce 6121 How to build a model rocket Blue Martin Galena 4-H Club
Static / Aerospace / Aerospace - Grades 9+
357 Soupir, James 409 Red & white rocket with display board Purple Redwood Vesta Vikings
1273 Borgschatz, Henry 1856 RC Model of double mustang aircraft Purple Wabasha Happy Ramblers
2194 Sakry, Nicholas 3188 Overview and history of rocket sea dragon on board. Pics and text. Blue Benton St Pat's
2196 Stolp, Andrew 3194 Rocket Blue Olmsted New Haven Sodbusters
2317 Heinicke, Nikolai 3366 White rocket with glider component Blue Anoka Independent - Anoka County
3547 Bornfleth, Ryan 5165 Model SR71 plane Blue Dakota Chub Lake Beavers 4-H Club