2023 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Creative Writing / Creative Writing - Grades 6-8
419 McCrea, Alison 497 book she wrote and illustrated called 1860 Lincoln Street. Blue Rice Little Town Leaders
644 Purser, Caleb 855 It is the first 3 chapters of a book. About 22 pages in a binder with page protectors. Book is titled "The Fall." It is about middle school aged kids who are at summer camp when a zombie apocalypse starts. Purple Wright The Rockets
708 Howard, Ella 947 Book with writing and illustrations titled "Always Come Home" Blue Polk Pine To Prairie
970 Lund, Nataleah 1355 Comic book story about a spider Blue Marshall New Maine
1031 Jerzak, Noah 1468 Creative writing written speech Red Lincoln Ivanhoe Greenleaf
1054 Maruska, Mila 1516 humorous poem about a fly Blue Chisago Whispering Pines
1411 Koehntop, Emma 2044 A ten-page short story Blue Pope Wayside
1434 Hartzler, Ada 2069 Short Story "Til Death do we Part" Blue Scott Credit River Comets
1848 Gooden, Luke 2659 black binder titled The Return of Brelos the Black Blue Freeborn Alden 4-H Club
1876 Ferris, Ellie 2689 Teen banned from the computer - one-page story/news article about getting my computer taken from me. Red Isanti Dalbo Patriots
2211 Zintek, Ben 3214 Creative writing paper in binder Purple Benton Duelm
2357 Sopoci, Alice 3400 Three ring binder with 16 color printed pages. Titled Nubs the Cat. Blue St. Louis - North Baytree - Field 4-H Club
2363 Pearson, Lila 3406 Title: Awakening Soul in black 3-ring binder. Blue St. Louis - North Baytree - Field 4-H Club
2387 Steinkamp, Zoe 3434 a short story in folder Purple Mower Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
2524 Schilling, Hannah 3651 Hannah has created a poem about her struggles with anxiety and peer pressure as a middle schooler. Her poem will be in a binder to display to fairgoers. Blue Anoka Lino Lakers
2616 Tumberg, Rachel 3798 Dyslexia, Dysgraphic, and other Hyper Dyses Story/article on learning differences Blue Otter Tail - East Heinola Hustlers
2648 Spangenberg, Karlijn 3844 poetry Blue Nicollet Norseland
2724 Flynn, Lucas 3946 Blue booklet with clear cover, title is "George the Dollar Bill". Blue Nobles Elk Tip Toppers
2923 Rivera, Sofia 4177 Short story that encapsulates the passing of time and the regret that weighs people down Purple Ramsey Awesome Mustaches
2994 Wyczawski, Taylor 4288 Title Page: Memory By: Taylor Wyczawski. It's a short story (3-4 pages) about the Goddess of Memories from a fictional world I made myself. Blue Brown Milford
3148 Moore, Paisley 4492 A children's book about my llama called "Libby Llama Diva Mama" Blue Carver Waconia Whiz Kids
3246 Young, Luke 4642 Short essay Blue Grant Do & Dare
3243 Verma, Jyeshtha 4645 I wrote a book about me and my friend going on adventures Red Kandiyohi St. Johns Roadrunners
3393 Rice, Alyssa 4917 Yellow-ringed folder containing poems Blue Goodhue Willing Welchers
3554 Cree, Linnea 5174 Creative writing - "My Quiet Place", Hand written in 8" x 10" black frame. Purple Dakota Empire Rockets 4-H Club
3670 Parisian, Ava 5344 Short Story Blue Dakota Douglas 4-H Club
3847 Hoffmaster, Josie 5728 black folder four original poems inside Blue Steele Meriden Meadowlarks
3886 Campbell, Kailey 5767 Bound book titled "Something Under the Sea" (approximately 30 pages) Blue Le Sueur Derrynane Jrs
Static / Creative Writing / Creative Writing - Grades 9+
10 Holtti, Emily 15 Picture frame containing a printed poem Blue Cass Northern Stars
181 Hamm, McKenzie 170 A short story called The Underground Rebels Blue Red Lake Garnes Go Getters
386 Flom, Karly 443 Book of poems Blue Rice Big Woods
527 Ferdinandt, Eva 657 A 4-page short story printed on 1 side of each page on white paper, plus cover page with title, "Heads Carolina, Tails California" in a plastic protective report cover. Blue Wright Hanover Honey Bees
535 Ochwal, Tatyana 675 Creative writing story about Colonial America starring my dad's heritage Blue Blue Earth Kato Charter School 4-H Club
1108 Lang, Cecelia 1611 5 poems Blue Kanabec Knife River Ramblers
1163 Zishka, Kylie 1687 Posterboard & paper with pictures of the effects of the Vietnam war. Blue Jackson Rost - Sioux Valley Hustlers
1598 Goelz, Kaitlyn 2308 White binder - Mni - Native American word for water Blue Pipestone Prairie Grangers
1742 Thompson, Isabel 2525 Poem-Wildflowers Blue Lac qui Parle Freeland Telestars
1810 Wiese, Avery 2615 Creative Writing: Collection of Poetry Purple Kittson Two River
1926 Klema, Kailey 2775 a short story Blue Clearwater Leon Ramblers
2126 Lutze, Sarah 3094 Standard 1" binder book, cover page art displayed, writing in plastic protector sheets Blue Benton Graham
2187 Skinner, Alena 3179 Collection of poems related to and based on my experiences living with a disability. Purple Olmsted Acorn Acres
2319 Homan, Lily 3370 It's a story printed on paper inside of a folder. Blue Anoka Independent - Anoka County
2385 Blashack, Isaac 3431 3 ring binders containing a five page speech on PFAS chemicals with a molecular model visual aid Blue Otter Tail - East Woodside Workers 4-H
2644 Yost, Lydia 3836 short story - Always here. Red Nicollet Oshawa Achievers
3051 Jewison, Jack 4361 A narrative about childhood memories at the cabin, called, "The Heart of the Cabin/" Purple Carver New Horizons
3584 Glewwe, Leah 5218 "Richard the Cow" essay Purple Dakota Eagan Encores 4-H Club
3742 Maday, Ash 5597 Short Story displayed in a blue binder Blue Martin Silver Lake 4-H Club
3950 Keltgen, Audrey 5855 Precious Rose story book Red Le Sueur Derrynane Jrs
3956 Walburn, Grace 5861 short story called "Lucky you're Mine" Blue Steele Happy Hustlers
4220 Dolezal, Kianna 6239 Poem "Leap" in 3-ring plastic pouch Red McLeod McLeod County 4-H Riders