2018 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Demonstrations / Individual Demonstration
4 Bubser, Theo 4 "What is Kendoma?" Ancient Japanese ball and cup toy, describing history, moves, parts, and tournaments. Blue Hennepin
347 Backes, Sara 462 cute clothespin holder Red Winona
635 Stromstad, Kasen 818 How to crochet Red Polk
637 Thorvilson, Ella 821 Spectacular Scrunchies Red Polk
639 Vanyo, Teresa 823 The Clarinet / history and parts of the instrument Red Polk
640 Vatnsdal, Courtney 825 Showing how to make a blended drink at home Blue Polk
699 Moeller, Grace 900 A demonstration of how to cook three easy college breakfasts, that are also vegan. Demonstration comes with three binders with information, and a tri-fold board that lists the recipes. Blue Blue Earth
708 Erickson, Vicky 915 Demonstrating how to make a cord bracelet. Blue Rice
768 Leonard, Sidney 1001 How to make butter slime using glue, shaving cream, contact solution and model magic. Blue Wabasha
888 Fenske, Darius 1159 Slideshow of the drug problem in the United States Blue Yellow Medicine
1217 Ekre, Carl 1627 How to make leather coasters Blue Clay
1225 Erickson, Abigail 1640 Cooking demonstration on how to make chocolate chip cookie cups Purple Clay
1251 Krause, Elizabeth 1679 History of the Salvation Army and what they do in Minnesota Purple Clay
1271 ONeil, Lillian 1704 How to make frosting roses Red Clay
1458 Rosenau, Kylie 1963 How to check blood pressure manually. Red Faribault
1561 Peterson, Brennir 2116 DIY Dog Treat Demonstration on making homemade dog treats Blue Sibley
1660 Allen, Aiden 2235 Metal Work -- An introduction to the basics of metal work. Blue Olmsted
1745 Geray, JoLyn 2356 Grooming your horse Red Mahnomen
1749 Lampton, Mackenzie 2364 Grid Drawing / Explaining grid drawings and to draw the lines Purple Mahnomen
1860 Buchanan, Nina 2534 South of the Border - Making Salsa Purple Chippewa
1867 Buchanan, Eliza 2541 Silly Science - Different science experiments Blue Chippewa
1874 Novacek, John 2550 Demonstration beef cattle Red Roseau
1884 Dehne, Lauren 2575 How to fold a washcloth in two different decorative ways Blue Chippewa
1909 Marty, Tegan 2615 How to clean a scrape - personal experience with injury and how to take care of the injury Blue Chippewa
2061 Arndt, Adia 2826 Making Chinese flowers Purple Anoka
2066 Arndt, Madison 2833 How to make arrowheads from tin cans Blue Anoka
2071 Arndt, Reece 2837 Making a flashlight from every day materials Blue Anoka
2290 Streich, Hannah 3129 Goat Livestock Demonstration on how to prepare yourself and your doe for kidding. Blue Lac qui Parle
2434 Juncosa, Lucy 3330 Walk viewers through the different ways they can create crafted wands at home Blue Anoka
2657 Carlson, Brandon 3641 Demonstrate all areas of baseball: How to play, batting, pitching and equipment used to play. Blue Meeker
2822 Kirchner, Kaitlyn 3901 A demonstration on how to make refrigerator oatmeal. Blue Watonwan
2837 Myers, Eva 3915 How to make an origami bookmark Blue Anoka
2845 Nicholls, Megan 3926 Food demo snack to keep energy up Blue Anoka
2862 Peach, Isabelle 3949 Uses of honey Blue Anoka
2866 Peach, John 3958 Stopping chickens from eating their eggs Blue Anoka
2927 Wilfong, Victoria 4047 Individual presentaiton about mental illness Red Hubbard
3177 Mages, Grace 4439 Cooking demonstration of steps to make Smores Cookies Blue Brown Sleepy Eye Wide Awakes
3350 McEllistrem, Elsa 4684 I will show how to make full wall art using styrofoam. Blue Dakota 4-Force 4-H Club
3361 Newberg, Savannah 4704 Nutrition for Athletes: energy bites, salad in a jar, nutrition tips Blue Dakota Greenvale Cloverites 4-H Club
3425 Rowen, Emma 4802 Jamacian jerk chicken easy freezer pleaser Blue Fillmore Racine Rural Rookies
3561 Arps, Evan 4997 Demonstrating how to make pumpkin custard. Red Carver New Horizons
3575 Trost, Josiah 5012 How to make a home for toads - container, bedding, hiding spots, food, lighting; 13-gallon plastic container Blue Dakota Top Notchers 4-H Club
3886 Karstens, Ryanna 5397 Demonstrating Excel software sustem Red Goodhue Cloverdale
4094 Drees, Lydia 5699 Presentation about making deviled eggs Blue Mower Enterprise 4-H Club
4264 Kobussen, Max 5934 How to do a public speech Blue Washington Woodbury 4-H Club
4269 Liegl, Maxwell 5944 Demonstrating how to make palatschinke Red Washington Woodbury 4-H Club
4310 Showers, Adriel 6012 How to make a carrot cake Blue Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
2904 Kirchner, Kiera 6054 A demonstration on how to make Quesadillas. Red Watonwan
4734 Gruber, Abagail 6635 Making Gooseberry Jam Blue McLeod McLeod County 4-H Riders
4735 Gruber, Alyssa 6637 Types of Horse Bits Blue McLeod McLeod County 4-H Riders