2018 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Livestock Demonstration / Livestock Individual Demonstration
784 Schneider, Anna 1020 facts about poultry White Wabasha
566 Larson, Eva 1148 Demonstration - Avoid, Find and Treat Rabbit Diseases Blue Ramsey
889 Conrad, James 1162 Poultry livestock demonstration about what the colors of eggs from chickens mean. White Big Stone
1054 Hoff, Layna 1394 Benefits of rabbits as livestock Red Chisago
1207 Edberg, Ria 1607 4-H Lamb Lead demonstration Blue Kanabec
1204 Alsaker, Sydney 1670 How to winterize your rabbit hutch. Show why rabbits can tolerate and enjoy cold weather. Red Hennepin
1439 Te Brake, Chandler 1929 Demonstration of what to look for in a meat goat Red Pope
1171 Weller, Heather 1949 How to perform a rabbit vet check. Purple Otter Tail - East
1483 Struffert, Allison 1995 Zoonotics Blue Crow Wing
1525 Willegal, Jessica 2058 Dairy Goat Showmanship 101 Blue Sibley
1645 Kruse, Hannah 2216 Cattle Awareness - Raising awareness when around cattle (safety) Red Rock
1674 Culley, Hannah 2253 Demonstration on what to look for when buying a Dutch rabbit Purple Stearns
1680 Boone, Malarie 2274 Rabbit nutrition -- A beginners guide to providing your rabbit the diet needed for a healthy happy long life Red Olmsted
2081 Sullivan, Sadie 2857 Proper cattle handling and flight of motion Red Dodge
998 Maddock, Catherine 3303 Red Redwood
2933 Pierson, Ryan 4059 Dairy Blue Watonwan
2934 Pierson, Seth 4064 Dairy Blue Watonwan
3026 Schlosser, Mikayla 4219 What Goes Into Getting A Chicken Ready To Show Blue Carver Watertown Willing Workers
3111 Stelten, Kathryne 4363 How to Raise / Care for Poultry -tri fold board, small examples Red Carver Independent
3289 Coe, Alexander 4596 goat artificial insemination Red Fillmore Root River Rabbits
3360 Lange, Hailey 4696 explanation of digestive tract in a rabbit and GI stasis as a result of digestive tract shutting down Red Fillmore Harmony Helping Hands
3410 Scheglowski, Anna 4779 How to administer rescue breathing and CPR/resuscitation on livestock Blue Dakota Chub Lake Beavers 4-H Club
3625 Klaseus, Noah 5067 Demo - Discussing how to get calf from pasture to show ring. Blue Nicollet Norseland
3637 Sellner, Gracie 5079 How to clip a heifer for show Red Brown Stark Happy Hustlers
4297 Romportl, CeCelia 5991 Dairy Purple Washington Lucky Aces 4-H Club
4341 Willert, Kestlyn 6050 Demonstration on trimming for shots - practices on beef animals Purple Lyon Coon Creek Cheerful Workers
4388 VanPelt, Abigail 6137 Teaches public about rabbit agility Blue Mower Enterprise 4-H Club
4391 VanPelt, Ryan 6146 How to prepare a wool breed for livestock showing along with promoting the benefits of the wool industry Blue Mower Enterprise 4-H Club
4562 Paulson, Morgan 6399 10 Simple tips & tricks for dairy cattle showmanship Blue Kandiyohi Active Acres
4567 Rohner, Gavin 6407 Teaching about the cuts of beef White Kandiyohi Country Kids
4585 Thompson, Gabriel 6436 Meat Goat Blue Kandiyohi Little Crow
4586 Thompson, Micah 6440 Demonstration on how to give a shot to a rabbit Blue Kandiyohi Little Crow
4859 Samuelson, Mckenna 6817 Rabbit vet check Blue Murray Slayton Shooting Stars
4954 Franz, Tayler 6932 I will explain how to ear notch pigs. Blue Cottonwood Loyal Lakers/Carson Climbers
4934 Wright, Allison 7089 Blue McLeod
5122 Bosek, Anakin 7159 Going over barn setup, pre farrowing, farrowing, peddens in farrowing, after birth, post farrowing Blue Douglas Chippewans
Public Presentations / Livestock Demonstration / Livestock Team Demonstration
56 Converse, Colton 71 Sheep - how to halter break, feed, exercise, wash, clip hooves and shear Blue Cass
63 Mrazek, Caden 82 How to halter break, feed, exercise, wash, clip hooves and shear. Blue Cass
155 Lahti, Erika 191 Mutant Sheep Invade America Blue Otter Tail - West
160 Lahti, Sonja 198 Mutant Sheep Invade America Blue Otter Tail - West
1485 Struffert, Zachary 2002 livestock demostration Dairy Goat 101 Red Crow Wing
1592 Barker, Jenna 2152 Demonstration about nutrition, disease prevention and other basic care Purple Stearns
1593 Barker, Jordon 2154 Demonstration about nutrition, disease prevention and other basic care Purple Stearns
2420 Johnson, Aubrey 3310 How to choose your breed of rabbit Blue Freeborn
2446 Maxa, Megan 3346 How to chose your breed of rabbit Blue Freeborn
2475 Otten, Gigi 3377 Preparing your sheep for show Blue Freeborn
2508 Tennis, Bethany 3424 Preparing a sheep for the show Blue Freeborn
1501 Otto, Jessica 3770 Dairy Goats 101 Red Crow Wing
2757 Radunz, Ruby 3805 Poultry Showmanship basics Purple Meeker
2870 Weckwerth, Audrey 3965 Poultry Showmanship basics Purple Meeker