2018 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Performing Arts / Performing Arts - Grades 6-8
26 Vandermeuse-Siteki, Zachariah 28 Irish dance - traditional set "Garden of the Daises" Blue Hennepin
28 Porter, Paige 31 Flute solo of "In Dreams" from Lord of the Rings White Hennepin
29 Mitchell, Elizabeth 32 Vocal solo of Nella Fantasia Red Hennepin
43 Wang, Emmeline 56 Solo piano performance of Sonatina No. 1 by Dmitri Kabalewski Blue Hennepin
63 Mrazek, Caden 81 An ASL interpretation of Sam Hunt's "House Party" from the album Mohtevalla. Purple Cass
109 Nielsen, Bethany 139 A piano vocal performance of the song "She Used to be Mine" Blue Wright
217 Jopp, Emma 273 Performing a self choreographed ballet dance. Blue Sherburne
282 Schafer, Michaela 369 Duet of What Is This Feeling Blue Wright
344 Kreidermacher, Sierra 458 solo and piano selection Blue Winona
503 Mettler, Nicholas 642 Binder and poster representing him playing the Tuba in the orchestra for a musical "Hello Dolly" Blue Todd
558 Eidsor, Joy 711 Flute performance with accompaniment music (original arrangement) of the song "Hills and Valleys" by Tauren Wells Blue Ramsey
584 Storay, Lailah 743 dance performance to "DDU-DU-DDU-DU" by Black Pink Blue Ramsey
641 French, George 826 Humor Piece - Drums, Girls, Dangerous Pies Blue Polk
748 Horejsi, Ella 977 Someone to Lava (ukulele duet) Blue Rice
841 Winget, Marisa 1096 Someone to Lava Blue Rice
1006 Heinze, Teresa 1330 Pachebel's Canon piano solo Red Stearns
1068 Anderson, Kjirsten 1421 Will be performing the song "Colors of the Wind" & exhibit a poster describing her talent and song choice Blue Otter Tail - East
1121 Gudmundson, Jane 1494 A shortened comedy speech - I gave for 2018 speech season based on the Junie B. Jones book "My Mushy Gushie Valentine" Blue Otter Tail - East
1274 Plaziak, Jordan 1708 Dance performance with pre-recorded music Purple Clay
1296 Chesla, Caden 1745 Original composition Blue Isanti
1386 Tighe, Lily 1860 Freestyle ballet Blue Isanti
1427 Pederson, Kaitlyn 1915 Humorous interpretation performance piece. there is a poster that includes the script Purple Pope
1583 Schweiss, Alexis 2143 Guitar/ vocal solo Blue Sibley
1630 Stalboerger, Katrina 2195 Piano performance Red Stearns
1790 Ryan, Jason 2434 Piano solo, "Chased to the Edge" Red Olmsted
1807 Nelson, Hope 2453 Piano piece, "Bluebird" by Timothy Brown Blue Olmsted
1891 Rud, Bryza 2587 Signing to the song "Never Enough" Blue Roseau
2105 Blair, Breonna 2879 Singing "Lost Boy" Red Anoka
2128 Brostrom, Ian 2948 ACCOMPANYING ONLY (not judged) John Peach on "Ring of Fire" Blue Anoka
2149 Nilles, Julia 2954 Vocal solo - My Grand Plan Blue Lincoln
2179 Kohler, Alexis 2988 Singing in memory of Great Grandmother Red Becker
2231 Gloege, Lexi 3054 tap dance to Wings Blue Lac qui Parle
2369 Rost, Maxwell 3243 Instrumental Trio (with 2 siblings) Blue Lincoln
2434 Juncosa, Lucy 3327 Solo performance Italian Aria Purple Anoka
2579 Evenson, Georgia 3524 Trumpet and performance for Amazing Grace Red Kittson
2756 Keating, Jenna 3791 Ballet to Elastic Heart Blue Anoka
2785 Kraska, Silver 3847 Vocal and Ukelele Blue Marshall
2862 Peach, Isabelle 3946 story telling Blue Anoka
2866 Peach, John 3954 Sing and play guitar with trumpet accompaniment "Ring of Fire" Blue Anoka
2986 Proue, Matthew 4134 Proue boyz dance to a song they choreographed Blue Anoka Rapid Rascals
2987 Proue, Michael 4135 Proue boyz dance to a song they chorepgraphed Blue Anoka Rapid Rascals
3687 Rocke, Alayna 5149 The Story of Titanic Red Dakota Eagan Encores 4-H Club
3755 Flansburg, Bethany 5228 Singing and playing Never enough from the Greatest Showman on guitar Blue Beltrami Northwoods 4-H Club
3887 Eastling, Rachel 5401 Singing a solo with some movement. Red Beltrami Buena Vista Bear Tracks 4-H Club
3952 Parrish, Penelope 5493 Rondo - violin Blue Goodhue Holden Hi-Lites
4054 Roschen, Bailie 5628 ukelele/keyboarding & vocals Blue Goodhue Burnside Pluckies
4478 Peterson, Adrienne 6286 Piano solo - Phantom of the Opera theme song Blue Renville Renville Aces
4653 Correa, Flavia 6532 Habanera Gries (harp duet) Purple Martin Silver Lake 4-H Club
4668 Jensen, Jorvik 6549 A monologue with 1 person only Blue Martin Silver Lake 4-H Club
4669 Kallemeyn, Gweneth 6551 Dance Blue Martin Silver Lake 4-H Club