2018 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Public Presentations / Illustrated Presentation / Individual Illustrated Presentation
92 Zimmer, Emily 112 One person table of remembrance Blue Rice
108 Swanson, Erika 140 Trick chicken presentation using PowerPoint and video (computer and projector required) Blue Wright
178 Stevens, Brendan 226 presentation on blacksmithing White Wright
299 Boone, Taylor 389 Presentation on the creek and pond in our back yard. Blue Sherburne
585 Sweet, Katrina 748 PowerPoint slides - background information, the story, the first Pride parade, police presence at Pride, and what to do Blue Ramsey
612 Erickson, Adelle 780 Talk about dance Red Polk
614 Griswold, Blessing 793 Fairy tales Blue Sherburne
896 Morse, Steven 1178 Presentation on MS Red Sherburne
900 Helgeson, Jason 1185 Powerpoint presentation of Invasive species in the Minnesota Ecosystem. Red Big Stone
1047 Eischens, Cadence 1383 Deaf culture Purple Chisago
1085 Nienaber, Olivia 1439 Caves and cave exploration Blue Chisago
1086 Nienaber, Sophia 1442 Talking about bunions Blue Chisago
1253 Krause, Nathan 1681 an introduction to the connection between math and logic; followed by an introduction to set theory, ending with a proof that 1+1=2 Purple Clay
2105 Blair, Breonna 2884 Highlighting common cat behaviors Red Anoka
2376 Biss, Tyler 3251 B-17 - 8 to 10 minute speech with 12 slides about the B-17 Blue Grant
2670 Donnay, Emma 3656 Powerpoint presentation on showing cattle Blue Meeker
2757 Radunz, Ruby 3798 A talk discussing eggs and chickens Purple Meeker
2777 Schiefelbein, Bailee 3835 Three Strikes Purple Meeker
3060 Weckman, Abigail 4283 Power point presentation aboit high school trap Red Carver Youngwood
3153 Williamson, Bryce 4412 A documentary presentation that focuses on the Washington Naval Conference of 1921 and how this past event can foreshadow some possible options with our future with North Korea. It consists mainly of a ten minute documentary of the conference and an oral presentation that discusses its relation with our future with North Korea. Red Carver Busy Beavers
2303 Goldade, Aaron 4480 Increase your horses speed through nutrition alone Blue Anoka
3304 Killion, Kevin 4626 Legos White Dakota 4-Force 4-H Club
3378 Widboom, Riley 4729 Summary of a community agriculture awareness event my family hosted this fall Purple Nobles Elk Tip Toppers
902 Jibben, Arnold 4930 " How to Pick up Chicks" - the proper way to pick up chickens using poster boards and a stuffed chicken. Blue Big Stone
3563 Schwerr, Ainsley 4996 Tag, You're Sick illustrated presentation Purple Dakota INDP
4096 Drees, Isaac 5701 A brief history of Minnesota as well as information about modern Minnesota Red Mower Rock Solid 4-H Club
3620 Janssen, Bethany 5825 Leadership Experience in FCCLA White Nicollet Independent
4248 Hoekstra, Ally 5909 Overview of plate tectonics and plate boundaries Blue Washington Forest Lake Rangers 4-H Club
4250 Horsager, Vanessa 5912 Causes, preventions, symptoms of Lymes Disease White Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
4266 Lankow, Esther 5938 Informational on why this bat is important Red Washington Independent
4312 Showers, Jesiah 6015 Research on esphageal cancer Blue Washington Soil Savers 4-H Club
4862 Schuur, Kaitlyn 6823 Digging about the Dead Blue Murray Fenton Friends
5011 Piotter, Kelsey 7024 Illustrated presentation on seizures Red Cottonwood Amboy Sunrisers
Public Presentations / Illustrated Presentation / Team Illustrated Presentation
315 Grundahl, Grayson 416 The presentation is about the History of Taconite Mining in MN. It's a team presentation with Judah Griswold. Red Sherburne
406 Mohamud, Mohamed (Momo) 525 This presentation will compare the juvenile justice and restorative justice systems. Additional team members: Muhsin Aidid and Adbullahi Bashir Red Hennepin
617 Griswold, Judah 789 Team presentation with Grayson Grundahl -- powerpoint Red Sherburne
2548 Aidid, Muhsin 3478 "Is this justice?" In this presentation, we will compare the juvenile justice and restorative justice systems. Additional team members: Mohamed Mohamud and Abdullahi Bashir. Red Hennepin
2552 Bashir, Abdullahi 3488 "Is this justice?" In this presentation, we will compare the juvenile justice and restorative justice systems. Additional team members: Mohamed Mohamud and Muhsin Aidid. Red Hennepin