2020 Iowa State Fair Exhibits & Communication

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Communication / Educational Presentations / 11100: Educational Presentation
224 Meyer, Ian 94 Presentation about how the 4-H pledge has helped shape his life. https://youtu.be/sWlpvz3Qp3c Merit Marshall Marshall County Rockets
225 Meyer, Libby 95 Presentation about how to make energy bites https://youtu.be/sgGS2IBuZyw Excellence Marshall Marshall County Rockets
226 Rethwisch, Nathan 98 Tracking COVID-19 Excellence Webster
228 Emma/Isabel 99 Iowa Kosovo Sister-City Exchange Merit Webster Douglas Dreamers
229 Hess, Sasha 100 What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You? Excellence Webster Washington Winners
230 Hess, Sylvia 101 The Mystery of Honey Merit Webster Washington Winners
231 McGonegle, Kara 102 The Science Behind Yawning Excellence Webster Douglas Dreamers
247 Kuhn, Noah 121 Car care Recognition Pocahontas Guys & Gals Of Grant
174 Meyer, Claire 123 Educational Presentation on how to make an inexpensive costume rack for dance https://youtu.be/pLDIxo5Ygbo Merit Marshall Marshall County Rockets
253 Lukavsky, Dalton 126 History of the Kansas City Stockyards and the American Royal from Past to Present Excellence Wayne Union Hotshots
269 Kuhn, Melody 140 Stock market crash Merit Pocahontas Guys & Gals Of Grant
290 Nelson, Katie 169 Why is it so Hard to Finish a Story? Recognition Palo Alto Palo Alto Shooting Sports
217 Tolle, Makayla 172 Phubbing https://youtu.be/gJvapMzkeDY Excellence Marshall Marshalltown Trailblazers 4-H
218 Tolle, Raegan 173 how to safely open and close a pocket knife https://youtu.be/jDMp-nTC4EM Excellence Marshall Marshalltown Trailblazers 4-H
310 Larsson, Thea 233 Beginner Golf Merit Poweshiek Mighty Golden Clovers
336 Larue, Dasha 237 Presentation on how to saddle a horse Recognition Poweshiek Mighty Golden Clovers
337 Crawford, Theresa 238 Presentation on African Swine Flu Recognition Poweshiek Mighty Golden Clovers
338 Turley, Matthew 239 National Park Service Junior Ranger Program Merit Poweshiek Mighty Golden Clovers
339 Turley, Molly 240 Presentation on Disability Etiquette Recognition Poweshiek Mighty Golden Clovers
260 Weirich, Parker 245 Facts About SMA Excellence Pottawattamie (East) Botna Valley Achievers
444 Perry, Lucas 387 Educational Presentation titled "The American Football" Merit Hardin Eldora Eagles
484 Nunez, Valentina 482 Educational Presentation on Homing Pigeons Recognition Black Hawk Cedar Falls Hustling Clovers
499 Nunez, Viviane 489 Educational Presentation on The Buzz About Stinging Insects Merit Black Hawk Cedar Falls Hustling Clovers
508 Rogne, Brelynne 502 Nothing Like Sleep Merit Howard Space Age Farmers
357 Marr, Landon 512 All About Hamsters Excellence Chickasaw Jolly Blue Bells
569 Knight, Lydia 572 From Tree to Pancakes Excellence Black Hawk Cedar Falls Lucky Hawks
646 Verhulst, Azalea 677 The Seven Games of Parelli Merit Delaware North Fork Kit Kats
258 Rieken, Kyler 682 Tanning Beds and UV Radiation: How to Recognize and Prevent the Bad and Ugly Excellence Pottawattamie (East) Carson Commanders
651 McDonald, Levi 684 UTV transmissions. Merit Mills Henderson Hornets/Amb Andies
556 Parker, Leah 698 Closet Cleanout Merit Monona Mapleton Starspinners
686 Woodall 736 Tik-Tok Merit Hamilton Clear Lake Sailors
687 Paulson/Ostrem 737 Dangerous Dinosaurs Excellence Hamilton Clear Lake Sailors
317 Ervin, Abby 738 A Healthy Lifestyle Recognition Hamilton Clear Lake Sailors
696 Bricker, Emily 746 Educational Presentation: Japanese Green Tea Merit Shelby Elk Horn Explorers
718 Katie and Avery 778 Winged Wonders Excellence Linn
729 Knoblock, Alex 789 All About Bees Merit Linn Wapsi Willoers
722 Mulligan, Mallory 828 6 R's of sustainability Excellence Shelby Northwest Leaders
638 Meyer, Morgan 1005 I hope people will learn to use hand sanitizer more, how easily germs are spread and why you still should wash your hands with soap and water. Excellence Henry Jefferson Juniors
870 Weddle, Julian 1016 All About Ferrets Merit Boone Luther Livewires
872 Schwenke, Kaeden 1023 Chicken Breeds Merit Iowa Parnell Peppers
859 Peters, Emma 1048 What to know about GMOs Merit Iowa Parnell Peppers
909 Fulton, Clara 1081 Baby Swaddling Excellence Boone Luther Livewires
912 Paulson, Emily 1091 Bubble Making Made Simple Excellence Emmet 12 Mile Lakers
913 Paulson, Hanna 1093 Reasons to Read Excellence Emmet 12 Mile Lakers
295 Barnes, Katherine 1095 Coastal Redwoods Excellence Boone
931 Gigstad, Landon 1125 Dog Project Recognition Montgomery Stennett Panthers
935 Church, Elise 1129 Beekeeping Adventures Merit Howard Space Age Farmers
670 Adam, Chance 1131 Rabbit Showmanship Excellence Winneshiek Prairie Shooting Stars
655 Adam, Chase 1133 Let's Go Fishing Merit Winneshiek Prairie Shooting Stars
527 Moen, Morgan 1153 Diabetes Awareness Recognition Winneshiek Washington Prairie Peppers