2020 Colorado 4-H State Fair

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Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2201 Jr.: Animation
839 Dever, Dawson 1251 Dawson Dever - 2020 Weld County 4-H Animation. Red edge binder with clear front. 1st Champion, Grand Champion Weld Keene 4-H Boosters
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2202 Int.: Animation
1044 Bamford, Hunter 1534 Stop motion animation about lego airplanes. green plastic record book 2nd Reserve Champion Jefferson
1264 Pelton, Mattea 1880 Flash drive with green recordbook 1st Champion, Grand Champion Logan High Plains
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2204 Jr.: Narrative
317 Atchley, Carson 507 1st Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Douglas
1061 Killcoyne, Connor 1535 An ordinary boy who suddenly gains super powers and his struggle to use them for good. Blue 3-ring binder record book 2nd Reserve Champion Jefferson
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2205 Int.: Narrative
316 Atchley, Christopher 508 1st Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Douglas
574 Wade, Joseph 924 A film called "A Day With Mrs. Literal" 2nd Reserve Champion Larimer
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2206 Sr.: Narrative
315 Shea, Colton 509 1st Champion, Grand Champion Douglas
1031 Lim, Delaney 1536 Movie meant to change perspective 2nd Reserve Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Jefferson
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2207 Jr.: Documentary
1058 Leatherman, Nicholas 1537 time lapse film. black 3-ring binder 1st Champion Jefferson
1708 Weekley, Owen 2759 Virtual Entry. A documentary video on "A Day at the Farm". 1st Champion Boulder
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2208 Int.: Documentary
1201 Young, Isabella 1806 Dance, Black Book 2nd Reserve Champion Yuma Heartstrong Phoenix
1678 Vigil, Cade 2448 still brainstorm 1st Champion Las Animas
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2209 Sr.: Documentary
1829 Rhode, Timothy 2812 Virtual Entry. "The Timeline a 4-H Film" 1st Champion Morgan Bijou Go Getters
4-H Exhibits / 4-H Filmmaking / 2212 Sr.: Promotional
801 Wittler, Alea 1203 E record 1st Champion Baca
4-H Exhibits / Artistic Clothing / 2901 Jr.: Upcycle Your Style--Applied
182 Wertz, Liberty 332 Sunflower Tie Dye Shirt & Sunflower Painted Pants/ 4-H record folder 7th Chaffee Hub Livestock Club
255 Wyer, Rylee 436 Qualifier Elbert
318 Atchley, Calista 527 2nd Reserve Champion Douglas
346 Orme, Nikki 561 Blue t-shirt with a unicorn design. Qualifier Teller Woodland Park Pathfinders
410 Murr, Kindall 648 Dip dyed shirt and shorts with socks and mask 8th Garfield G3 4-H Club
546 Freund, Karissa 830 Blue tie-dyed shirt. Denim jacket w/ lace-pink roses. Blue folder. Qualifier Kit Carson Go-Getters 4-H Club
625 Crocker, Cabela 960 Tiedye T-Shirt and denim shorts 3rd Larimer
828 Jackson, BriLynn 1219 tie-dye swimsuit coverup Qualifier Baca
1116 Avery, Callie 1688 Levis w/painted blue butterflies 6th Mesa
1125 Stults, Hannah 1695 Red, White, Blue App Stars 1st Champion, Grand Champion Yuma Rainbow Explorers
1275 Howard, Casey 1896 yellow shirt with cram overalls 4th Logan Proctor Peppers
1294 Ramirez, Itzi 1922 10th Kiowa
1383 Kelley, Savannah 2092 Orange shirt with rainbow and dream on front. Unicorn and rainbow patch on the back. Records in purple folder Qualifier Adams
1499 Gailus, Emmalee 2211 White T-shirt, hat and shoes decorated with colored block design applied with fabric paints; and green record book Qualifier Washington Sunnyside
1615 Cozzetto, Aubrynne 2361 white shirt, black shirt 9th Custer Triple C Clovers
1637 Mitchek, Alexis 2397 Black pleather jacket with American flag backing. Jean skirt with red, white, blue border. Yellow binder record book cover. Qualifier Cheyenne Old Wells
2037 Queen, McKenzie 3011 Sea Foam green blouse with watermelon Purple record book 5th Otero
4-H Exhibits / Artistic Clothing / 2902 Int.: Upcycle Your Style --Applied
183 Wertz, Shiloh 333 Bleached jacket, T-Shirt & Pants/ 4-H record folder Qualifier Chaffee Hub Livestock Club
236 Robles-Zion, Mattea 437 Denim jacket with applied paint, gems, and patches. 7th Elbert
260 Helzer, Mayzie 460 Dress; yellow top, Smoky The Bear Logo, camping print bottom. Green folder record book. 2nd Reserve Champion Weld Centennial Clovers
509 Harms, Lena 772 Jean jacket with rhinestones and horse iron on. Records in black 3-ring binder 3rd Grand
622 Templeton, Allison 961 Painted Jean Jacket 6th Larimer
781 Gutierrez, Eliana 1220 Black tie-dye outfit - t-shirt and leggings Qualifier Baca
1128 Kite, Brigette 1698 Raspberry Shirt/Blue shorts 4th Yuma Idalia Starlighters
1261 Brockbank, Anika 1875 Sunflower overalls 8th Logan Proctor Peppers
1282 Arnold-Kraft, Zoie 1923 Qualifier Kiowa
1401 Hightower, Elizabeth 2093 Pink, blue and yellow tie dye shirt with "a woman's place is with the resistance" on the front. Records in purple plastic cover 9th Adams
1441 Peeters, Abbygayle 2130 Full Jumpsuit (denim blue, gold birds on legs, stitched white patch spots, 2 pockets/open Qualifier Lincoln Walk's Camp 4-H Club
1453 Baker, Kadence 2195 Watermelon Tie Dye Dress with a teal record book cover 1st Champion, Grand Champion Park Hooves, Paws N More 4-H Club
2045 Higgins, Makaya 3034 5th Montezuma
4-H Exhibits / Artistic Clothing / 2903 Sr.: Upcycle Your Style --Applied
210 Schneider, Brindelyn 438 suede jacket 8th Elbert
261 Hirsch, Awna 461 Floral top, yellow tank top and capri jeans. Gray folder with picture on front. 6th Weld Severance 4-H
463 Babbitt, Natalie 717 Sleeveless denim shirt w/ writing on back. White 3-ring binder. 9th Kit Carson Country 4-H Club
558 Rudnick, Willa 962 Tiedye - orange w/ flames T-shirt 1st Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Larimer
773 Wallace, Shelby 1221 White t-shirt and scrubs with paint splatters 3rd Baca